The future of on-line communication

I’ve been obsessing over unifying my email, Facebook, Twitter and RSS into a single in-box-ish of late. Most of the things I see on the Internet are people trying to aggregate all of these things for publish, so that people can see all of your social applications in a single place, but the idea of taking all of your own sources of information about other people and bringing it into a single in-box doesn’t seem overly popular.

Threadsy does this for E-Mail, Facebook and Twitter, as does Mozilla Raindrop. Both are in Beta, with Threadsy being further along. Some services let you pull in a few others, but it’s still mostly an idea of pulling all of YOUR streams together. Lifestream is a concept for this, where you take all of the on-line sources of what you’re doing and aggregating them into a single stream. What I’m really looking for is a Lifestream aggregator, I want to see other people’s lifestreams in a single view.

It’s made me think about how we communicate on-line more. Comunication has been diverging for years. ICQ started things years ago, IRC before that, but it seems like only in the last few years have things really exploded. Facebook, Twitter, GMail, RSS feeds, Flickr, MySpace, IM (multiple networks), SMS, there are all kinds of conduits of communications available to us anymore. Each of them mostly have their own portal to the stream of communication. To be sure you can get to a point where you can group all of these into chunks. Trillian and Adium allow multiple connections to different IM networks, you can direct all of your various email accounts into GMail. You can link twitter and Facebook to some extent.

Maybe it’s just me and my former obsession with GTD, but it seems it would be nice to integrate our input streams into one view, into one in-box. People have already been going this way with the Lifestream idea. Let’s take it to a new level and aggregate other people’s lifestreams into a view.


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